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Water Test Blog Water Test Blog
Water Test Blog Water Test Blog

07/15/2016: Color Change in Coliform Bacteria Test After 48 Hours -- We recently heard from 'Nate' who asked, "I did the simple coliform test for 48 hr. I noted @ 46 hr (77F) the sample was yellow as it had been from the start; I did not note the color @ 48hr time. Then this morning @ 58 hr, the sample was a little...... [more details here.]

04/21/2016: Free Water Testing in Allegan County (Michigan) -- We recently learned that the Allegan Conservation District in Allegan County (Michigan) will distribute free test kits for nitrates and nitrites to landowners from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, April 23, at the Allegan County Area Technical and Education Center, 2891 116th Ave. in Allegan. This free water test kit offer comes to […]... [more details here.]

04/21/2016: DIY Home Water Test Kit or Mail-In Home Water Test Kit… Which is Better? -- Recently we received an inquiry from 'Peggy' who asked, " I'm not certain which test kit to order, I use well water. Do I do the testing in my home or is this a kit I mail in to get results?" Thank you, Peggy, for your inquiry.  At this tim...... [more details here.]

04/13/2016: Hydrogen Sulfide in Well Water & its Effect on Arsenic Testing -- Today's inquiry came to us from 'JenKelli' who asked, "Hi, our well water has hydrogen sulfide in it according to neighbors and we used your arsenic quick test kit which says it has trouble reading arsenic if hydrogen sulfide is present.  Ca...... [more details here.]

04/12/2016: Diluting Samples to Get Readings of Higher Chlorine Concentrations -- This morning we received an inquiry from 'Colina' who asked, " Hi.  I have an impatient know it all boss and while I was on vacation last week he ordered several bottles of your 481026 SenSafe Free Chlorine Water Check which we can use for mo...... [more details here.]

04/12/2016: Water Test Kit Store Owner Turns 44 This Week, so Discount Code MIKE44 Saves YOU 12% at Checkout! -- Another year has passed and the founder of Water Testing Blog & Water Test Kit Store will age another year in a few days.  In honor of Mike's turning the ripe OLD age of 44, and so that he gets reminded of it constantly for the next few day...... [more details here.]

04/06/2016: Reduced Fee Water Testing in McHenry County (Illinois) April 1st – 30th, 2016 -- We recently learned that the McHenry County Department of Health (located in Illinois) intends to offer a discounted water testing package to local homeowners with private water wells in the month of April 2016. The package will include a test for coliform bacteria and nitrates for a cost of $18. DIY At-Home Water Test Kitfor […]... [more details here.]

04/04/2016: Lead, Lead, Lead in Water… What is a Person to DO? -- Each time we turn on the news or flip through articles in a news feed we see article after article about cities, villages and towns of all sizes 'suddenly realizing' they may lead contamination in their drinking water... but we see another problem: ...... [more details here.]

03/22/2016: 12 Scary Water Facts for World Water Day 2016 -- While we wish that we had 12 fun facts about water and our use of water on Earth, reality dictates that we share a more somber picture today. So, for World Water Day 2016, we present some shocking statistics from “12 Facts And Things To Know” about water: It is estimated that approximately 1.8 billion […]... [more details here.]

03/21/2016: Test for Water Jugs Between Fillings? -- A recent inquiry from 'PeggyB' asked, "I want to test some water but don't know what kit to buy.......we have a 2 gallon container for water......my husband buys water for stores to refill that 2 gallon container......I tell him to rinse out the con...... [more details here.]

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Water Test Blog Water Test Blog Water Test Blog Water Test Blog Water Test Blog Water Test Blog Water Test Blog Water Test Blog